Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather. It’s also the perfect time to gather a group of friends and attend a concert. There are festivals for just about all genres of music, so you can easily find an event you are interested in attending. Make a road trip out of it and take a couple days to explore an area you’ve never been too. Here are some concerts to check out this summer.

Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance

The Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival takes place in Central New York. The music genre ranges from  bluegrass, Irish music, rockabilly, even several other types of music. Some of the artists for 2012 include George Jones and Donna the Buffalo. The festival is said to attract modern day hippies from all over the country. It takes place at the end of July from the 19-22, which is a perfect time to be outside. It actually last four days, so you’re guaranteed to get your fill on music. Also the price of tickets is not completely pocketed. The proceeds go to several recipients including Doctors Without Borders and Boy Scouts of America. Concert attendees even have the option of camping out at the festival grounds.


Lollapalooza is both a national and international festival. The main grounds of the festival are located in Chicago, Illinois and generally it takes place the first week of August for three full days of music. This year it is taking place August 3-5. There are over 130 acts ranging from The Black Keys to Black Sabbath. This festival has so many versatile acts that it’s sure to reach out to every music lover of all genres. The festival is known for selling out, so once you decide on going you should buy your tickets immediately. Unlike many music festivals, Lollapalooza is kid friendly, and there are several activities for the kids to participate in. Don’t forget their ear plugs to protect their hearing from the loud music.

Vans Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour travels all over the country during the summer. The tour starts in June and concludes at the end of August. Headliners for the festival include Rise Against, Yellowcard, and as many as 100 other bands. This is generally a pop punk festival, but rap artists have been present at the show too. The tour even features extreme sports at the festival, which separates it from other tours, so skateboarders and BMX riders are also attracted to the festival too. The shoe company, Vans, is a major sponsor of the tour, and has been for several years.

iHeartRadio Music Festival

The iHeartRadio Music Festival takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the ultimate festival if you’re looking to make a trip to Vegas and a major concert. The event takes place at the end of September from the 21st-22nd. It’s still going to be warm in Las Vegas, so you don’t have to worry about it being chilly. The 2012 lineup has not been announced yet, but is expected to be released the on July 9th. Last year’s performers ranged from Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and Jay-Z. The festival is sponsored by iHeartRadio, which is free online radio streaming service.

Andrea Johnson is a music lover and is always following music news in magazines and online. She uses free mp3 music downloads from BearShare to keep her iPod filled with new music.