Master Lock

Master Lock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you run a locksmith business? Want to run it smoothly? It’s time to start using locksmith software which allows you to perform your routine work tasks in a speedy manner. Today, every business house uses computer therefore, it’s not hard to run software. I’m going to shed light on 5 best locksmith software(s) that will surely decrease work load and make you and your employees more efficient than before.

1. Lock and Key Inventory Software

Your office surely has a store where you keep locks and keys of diverse kinds, shapes and styles. It’s really hard to manage inventory manually. Therefore, it’s advisable to start using this software that makes it simple for you to keep the track of inventory sold, inventory price, inventory purchase and even inventory location. In the absence of it, you may have to spend many hours for a specific lock search. Nevertheless, you can find a specific item in a matter of seconds by scanning barcode or entering the number. The exact location of inventory will be told to you. I’m sure that running a locksmith store will never be a daunting task when you have this software from 2keyit.

2. Tracer 9

It’s an effective key control and master key management software. Due to its robust features, people like to use it in hospitals, corporations, military bases, hotel and any other place where large number of keys are required. A locksmith uses it for creating and managing a key system for his residential and commercial customers. This system allows the users to limit the access of keys. Generally locksmith issue keys to personnel and then main admin can keep the fully track of issued key. When it comes to key management feature, this software makes it simple for the users to track the location of all keys of a system. This software is available for both Windows and Mac.

3. Multi-Master Pro XT                                    

It is among the best software (s) which allows the locksmith to create master key system for his customers. Good thing about this software is that its end user can easily add more keys into the system without any problem whenever he wants. A locksmith can develop as many key systems as he wants through this software as there is no limit He can print pinning and bitting chart whenever he desires. This software is simply fantastic way of handling master key system.

4. Grand Master Keying

When a locksmith needs a complete and comprehensive master key then simply Grand master keying is one that seems perfect to you. This software is featured with a lot of features that are hard to get from any other software. A locksmith can do multilevel master key system for cylinder lock; create a master key by using a number, and search code. It is never hard to add new keys into the system. You can view and print the customer code without opening the complete system.

5. Locksmith Code Software

This software is quite famous all around the web. It allows you to find and search billions of key codes quite effortlessly. It’s key data software that has complete details of many kinds of codes. Working with key becomes quite easy for the locksmith when he has this code. You can find not only padlock codes but also vehicle codes in a matter of seconds.


A locksmith must give a try to any of these locksmith software(s) as working with locks and key become quite simple after he started using such software.