When the time to set up an online presence for you business comes, the first thought is to purchase a domain name and make it easier. Your business name or the domain name you want may already be taken and you may desperately want it but purchasing it is the only way to get it. Moreover, purchasing an appropriate domain name saves time and a lot of thinking because it is easy. So, should you consider purchasing domain names or rather think of a new unregistered one?

Why Purchasing Registered Names Is Useful

Keeping the price element aside, purchasing domain names already registered by another person is a great way to kick star an online business as it saves a lot of effort. Now, as a business owner your time is always occupied by organizational aspects rather than anything else. Domain nomenclature takes a lot of time if one wants to purchase new domain names and hence, simply picking a name that suits you is a better option.

Another advantage of picking existing domain names is that you get existing traffic to come your way. Depending on what the previous owner of the domain name had done to the website and how they had optimized it, you may get an impressive start up traffic with zero optimization or you may get nothing. There is plenty to gain here and much to lose as well.

Some domain name hoarders take up multiple names and perform rudimentary SEO on them so that they appear in search results, and are registered with countless directories and search engines. What would take an individual days if not months to do is already performed on many of these hoarded domain names. Simply purchasing them from the previous owner saves you a lot of SEO work.

The final benefit of purchasing a registered domain name is that you can find just about any name you want. Just search for the owner of the domain name, make contact and pitch a price to them to enter negotiations. The alternative is figuring out a close name to your preference and then working on it firsthand.

Why Purchasing Registered Domains Is Not Always Advisable

With generic domain names, purchasing registered names is always a great idea but with names that are vague, purchasing them will cost you money and they may even be optimized in a fashion that detracts from your business. For example, the owner of a website by the name of Gazzillion.com may have optimized it for a penny auction site believing that he or she will one day start an auction site with the domain. If your business deals with say, free coupons and deals then you will find people who are looking for online auctions automatically coming your way. This traffic is useless since they will not even look at what you have to offer.

Another disadvantage of purchasing existing domain names is redoing the website. Usually, you would start fresh with the website layout in an unregistered name but with an existing name, you need to negotiate with the hosting service provider and change the layout, which once again affects SEO.

Author Bio: I am Katina and I love learning new things about the web. The domain name (did you know the term in Swedish is Domännamn) is one of the main things for the success of a new launching website. There are billions of websites on the web today, so paying attention to the little things like the domain name when creating a website is a must.