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Re-configuring and Customizing Core Systems in Insurance

Core insurance systems are evolving but not entirely. Systems like policy administration, call centres, claims procedures have undergone significant changes. One can say that all changes have been led by dynamic business environments which have been mainly led by the Read More →

Why You Should Want a Virtual Office

When some of you think about being virtual, sci-fi ideas come into mind. When it comes to a serviced office, well, it can be quite similar in some ways. A virtual office can be defined as an office Read More →

DIY Website Copy that Drives Conversions

To successfully turn your website’s views into customer transactions, you need well written and engaging text. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean paying the costs that come with hiring a professional copywriter. There are numerous Read More →

Creating a Checkout That Minimises Dropouts

shopping cart 

‘Image by Simon Adriaensen

For online stores it is sometimes difficult to convert visitors on your website into paying customers. Even when Read More →

Business on the Web [Infographic]

Not so long ago, we obtained the majority of our business and industry news from a small group of major print publications: Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and The Economist, to name a few. Now, the business world is Read More →

Print management – Take control of your printing costs

The printing environment has been undergoing tremendous developments over the years and we can see many organizations striving to cut on printing costs. The trend in printing environment has seen old photocopiers being replaced by networked digital copiers, fax machines Read More →
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