Advances in Gaming Technology

Video Games have evolved greatly since they became highly popular in the 1980’s, and some of the mind blowing advances in the technology used to create or play these games have enhanced the gaming experience of everyone. It’s been Read More →

How to Improve the Details of Your Life in 2016

Coming into 2016, there are many different ways to go about making subtle and not so subtle improvements in our lives. When running your own business it can be especially difficult to keep up with everything day-to-day and continue to Read More →

How to market yourself as more than just an accountant

Whether you know it or not, as an accountant, you’re a financial professional that has the skills to help businesses grow and flourish. Chances are, however, most of your clients see you as the person who simply balances the books. It’s Read More →

Google to Re-Launch Map Maker Tool

According to sources within Google, the company's Map Maker tool will come back to life in August after having been shelved in May. Earlier this year the tool, which allows users to edit Google's existing maps service, was found Read More →

Online Social Gaming Trend

Online Casino Gaming: Invention of Social networks gave birth to the Social gaming. When everything was transferring to the online and virtual world. The gaming was also ahead of everything else. Gambling is like a dark shadow of the gaming. Read More →

Social Gaming Facts, benefits and most popular social games online

Social Gaming At Glance:

What is Social Gaming?The game is a non obligatory activity that people do for fun. It is almost impossible to differentiate what activity lies in the category of game. More precisely, anything apart from work is a Read More →
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