Initially launched as a military communication technology, the Internet soon broke free from research labs and universities to the homes and offices of millions. The Internet truly revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and the way information is shared around the world.

The use of the Internet is largely the same around the world; however, there are a few differences how the Internet is made available in the different corners of the world. Furthermore, the preferences of particular visited sites are very much different too.

Internet Usage around the world

1. America

As the birth place of the Internet, it is here where the new comes with the old. The infrastructure of the Internet is constantly changing; however, the old technologies like dial-up Internet connections still exist. Many youngsters prefer to use the Internet from their mobile devices. Websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are extremely popular. Moreover, many of the website companies are located in the Silicon Valley.

2. Middle East

Most of the rich Middle Eastern countries like Qatar and UAE have state-of-the-art Internet infrastructure. However, the other countries in the region do not have the same level of technology found around the other corners of the world. Google is also very popular here, and terms like Qatar classifieds, jobs, and rent places are the most searched terms in this region.

3. Asia

Asia is a huge continent so we’ll have to break it up into two components to analyze it properly. The first area is China. China is most famous for the Great Wall of China, but in the Internet scenario, it is notoriously famous for the Great Firewall of China. The state-owned Baedo is the number one site, and sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are nowhere to be found. The second area can be defined as India, Pakistan and the rest of the countries in the Arabian Sea belt. Here the Internet infrastructure is also getting better as time passes. DSL and broadband are now getting more affordable and accessible. However, the widespread use of 3G networks is non-existent here. The DSL connection with personal computers is the preferred method to access the Internet. Moreover, just like the other parts of the world, Facebook, Google, and Twitter are the most accessed websites in Asia.

4. Europe

European Internet users are rapidly increasing. Due to the widespread use of 3G technologies and availability of free Wi-Fi access, the most traffic comes from mobile or portable devices. Internet access in the region is largely unrestricted, and freedom of speech is co-related with the Internet too.

5. Africa:

Africa is the only continent where the true benefits of the Internet have still not been reached. There are a few areas in Africa that really enjoy the internet speed and technologies which are available around the globe. However, there are large parts of Africa that have either no or very limited internet infrastructure. Even when the Internet is made available, the state seriously restricts the access, and the speed is painstakingly slow.