Whether you’re trying to sell your property, have a new partner moving in, making room for a new baby, or just want to have the feeling of space again, here are some room-by-room tips for making more space in your life.

Living Room

This is the room that you spend most time in, so you don’t want to feel cramped and hemmed in. First of all, get rid of your coffee table. Coffee tables take up so much space, and they hardly ever get used, except as a dumping ground for magazines and newspapers. Replace it with smaller tables you can put next to the arm of the chairs and sofas to put your coffee on. It will really open up your room. Shelving is not just for books. Put all your CDs, DVDs, game systems, and games consoles on shelving or in a cabinet so they don’t make the room look messy.


It feels so nice to walk into a big bedroom with lots of space and not have to edge along the side of the bed to get to the closet. If you can, don’t put anything up against the bed except nightstands, and push those bedside tables right up against the wall so they don’t encroach on the space where you get into bed. If you have a free-standing wardrobe, don’t put it at the end of the bed, as this will make you feel confined in your own bed. Don’t place it near the door, either, as this will give the impression of crowding as soon as you walk in. Use the space under the bed to store whatever you may need quick access to, like a laundry basket.


Don’t have any extraneous furniture in the bathroom at all. Fix any storage to the walls. All you need is a small trash can, which you can tuck under the sink, and possibly the laundry basket, though that can be kept on a landing or in a hall.


They say to always keep the appliances that you use out on the kitchen countertops, but this makes them look very crowded. It looks absolutely amazing when everything is away, apart from a microwave and the coffee-maker. You’ll get used to the new arrangement and still use all those appliances as much as you ever did.

Child’s Room

The difficulty is keeping your child’s room tidy! Having a cabinet of some sort makes tidying away fun. Kids love to open doors and see what’s inside, and hide things away behind closed doors, too. And a cabinet looks much more attractive than a stack of boxes.
General tips

  • Keep things away from the front of windows. Having an open space in front of a window helps give that impression of lots of room.
  • Leave the space around doors clear, too. Feeling the door knock on a piece of furniture as you enter a room instantly makes it feel crowded.
  • Only have a small amount of floor to ceiling storage, otherwise it overpowers a room.