It would be almost impossible to count just how many travel blogs there are out there. Every day a new travel blog begins and every day a new travel blog gets given its last post.

The reason for this is simple; some people don’t travel full-time. Some people are only travelling for a couple of months or a year and so don’t have the means or the times to fund the content production to produce a successful travel blog.

Of course some blogs were never meant to go on for ever. If you’re just planning on creating a space for friends and family to see what you got up to in Thailand this is to be expected. If however you’re hoping to build up a successful travel blog; perhaps one day hoping to earn an income off it or to create for yourself new travel writing opportunities, well then you’ll need to update it continuously at least once per week.

In between that you should be looking to write for other travel blogs, building up your readership and your relations with other travel writers and media titles. It’s not an easy job in all honesty, a lot of work goes into creating a travel blog and some of the top travel bloggers work similar hours to a lawyer.

So what makes a good travel blog? There are thousands of travel blogs, but even those within the top 100 or so have very little different about them; at least to the average internet user. Some will have a slightly more niche topic such as travelling with children, pets, being a luxury traveler as opposed to a backpacker or being a solo female traveler.

But even then, everyone will still cover similar destinations. What really separates one from another, or two posts about the leaning tower of Pisa for example, is the personality of the writer. Can the writer tell a good story? Is he or she funny? Do you enjoy them just for their writing.

Bill Bryson, although not a blogger, is an excellent example of a travel blogger with personality. So much so that he can write about either a trip across America or the history of the toilet (from his book ‘At Home’) and both will appear very interesting, entertaining and leave you wanting more. Do you think you could write about the history of the toilet and leave people wanting more?

David is a travel writer, journalist and world explorer. He is currently preparing for a trip across Eastern Europe which will take him through 9 countries in 29 days.