Knitting has seen a significant leap in popularity in the last decade and particularly in the last couple of years. Statistics may amaze you, but according to Google, searches for ‘knitting for beginners’ rose by over 250% last year, while John Lewis has said that sales of Rowan yarn have risen by 57 per cent worldwide on 2010 levels.

Knitting has become amazingly popular, and not just among hipsters, or the uber trendy. Normal people are enjoying getting their needles out and knitting. So, what may the factors for this new love of Rowan Yarn and other types of yarn be?


YouTube and other video sites make knitting easy. Unlike in previous decades where knitting was something that people learned from some form of dubious looking graph, or was something thought to you by an ill tempered aunt. YouTube and other video sites now provide a replacement for both of the aforementioned. The great thing about YouTube and video sites, when learning to knit is that you can pause the video and replay any part you missed out on.

Of course, it also allows you the opportunity to learn more than the basics and there’s a video out there for almost everything to do with knitting, from types of wool, like Rowan Yarn, to information on how to crotchet.


Blogs to do with knitting and knitting culture are ten a penny on the Internet. There seem to be almost as many knitting sites as there are football sites on the Internet and a real community has grown up around related forums. People can have all the benefits of a knitting club from their own home and can ask any questions they feel they need to know the answer to. This community atmosphere has meant that knitting has become increasingly popular right across the blogosphere and so has encouraged people to join in the fun.

Yarn Bombs

The advent of video sites and all the other forms of media means that knitting can be made cool. People can get an image of some of the coolest knitting ideas within seconds. Of course yarn bombing, where a public object is knitted and fitted with a cover of yarn, from anything from Rowan yarn to other types, really gets the street cred up for the pastime. Unlike previously, where you would need a paper picture, or firsthand experience to see this yarn bombing, it’s available all over the Internet. From Twitter, to Facebook, to blogs, yarn bombing is everywhere in all its colourful glory.


As a hobby, knitting has a very low time, to cash spent ratio. This of course means it is a low cost hobby, in an age where we all seem to be watching our pockets. The fact we can get all sorts of yarn, from Rowan yarn to Rico Can Can through the Internet for competitive prices and learn to knit for free, means it’s the perfect past time. The spiralling popularity of knitting is down to a number of factors and from the figures at hand, it looks like this growth may only be the beginning.